E-mail still down. *grumble* But, oh well. No news is good news…

Today I begin that vast and terrifying task of filling the print books. This involves filing all the prints by little numbers, on an Excel spreadsheet, first into plastic envelopes, and then into folders in a file box. Since the file box broke last time, I’m also having to transfer them all to a shiny new plastic bin. This is not difficult, but involves a minor papersplosion, or papergasm, or something involving papers shooting everywhere and the cat really really wanting to walk on them, which is detrimental to the pristine print quality for which I desperately strive.

It’s not a hard job, unless perhaps one has one of the various fidgety mental issues that make mindless, precise, repetitive tasks difficult. It’s a boring, complicated job, though.

There’s a painting I’d rather be working on, but I have to get this at least started first.

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