Random Sketchbook Tidbits

I was flipping through my sketchbook today looking for head shots of Sings-To-Trees, which I didn’t find (must be in another sketchbook) but I did locate a number of rough sketches with weird captions, and sometimes just the weird captions:

Theological bacon
Jesus turns water into bacon
miracle of the loaves and bacon
Eve tastes the bacon of the knowledge of good and evil
(Somehow, I suspect this sequence occurred while waiting for breakfast. It’s accompanied by multiple sketches of serpents twining around trees and naked women, carrying frying pans in their coils.)

A sketch titled “Untitled Genius” features a tapir in a beanie saying “Watch how many crayons I can stick up my nose!”

vegan hawks


Ninja Chef Training (features a blindfolded gnome in a chef’s hat wielding a giant potato peeler against the hanging spuddy foe)

and the lengthy:

“Why came you here,” the great demon asked, “to this dark place, even to the ends of the world?”

“I brought you a present,” said the mouse.

“Nobody’s ever brought me a present before,” said the demon.

“It’s socks!” said the mouse.

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