Cranial Mutiny

My Little Hadrosaur

“Okay,” I said to my brain, “that’s three of the lowest priced pieces for the Con, and that’s enough. We need mid-range stuff now, but since you were good, you can paint something Deeply Meaningful For The Ages now, if you want to.”

“Go ‘way,” sulked my brain.


“Go ‘way. Meanie.”

“Aww, who’s a grumpy little brain…? C’mon, grumpy little brain, how ’bout a smile?”

“So help me god,” it roared, “I can take control of the motor functions in a heartbeat, me and the spinal cord are like THAT, and I will run your ass into a doorframe, see if I don’t!”


We agreed on a nap. We’ll see if that helps.

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