Three and a half weeks to Anthrocon. I dug out my box of prints, my three ring print binders, gazed at the printer and intoned “It….begins.”

This is the time of year when I truly, truly hate being such a prolific artist. It has many great perks, but the price really starts to add up when you have to run off a print of EVERYTHING. Sometimes two or three of everything. And of the really popular everythings, five or six or ten. (I bring the printer every year, but some things, like Azaezelbunny, the Elemental Mice, and for some unfathomable reason, the saddled guinea pig, I just can’t keep up. Of course, the year I rely on this and run off twenty, I will not sell a single one.)

Plus I have to dig up my handy spreadsheet that lists all the prints by number, and take out the ones that never sell, and add the fifty bizillion titles I did last year.

People have suggested some kind of large chart or a touchscreen kiosk or SOMETHING, and it’s a good notion, but I haven’t yet found a way to make the whole thing work practically, so we’re sticking to the tried and true method for now, whatever the cost to life, limb, and sanity.

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