Name That Weed #2!

While the exact species of Weed #1 escapes us still–I’ll provide an update if the stuff ever flowers–we’ll move on to the next installment of (this is really more effective if you imagine Bob Barker and the audience chanting along) Name! That! Weeeeed!

Our second contestant is a lone, substantially sized plant in my main flower bed. He currently stands about eighteen inches tall. The leaves are quite large in proportion to the size of the plant.

The shape of the leaves makes me think “tulip poplar” (we have plenty around here) but rather than the fairly smooth, flat tree leaves I’m used to, these are sort of bulgy and cleft at the veins, and larger than the leaves of the tulip poplars in the yard. This may not mean anything, of course, the leaves on the seedling may just behave differently than the mature plant, but I’m not comfortable enough with the ID to uproot him based on it.


As always, if anybody has any questions, wants me to break a stem or smell it or look under the leaves or whatever, just ask, and I’ll tromp out and post the results here.

UPDATE: We’re callin’ it a tulip tree sapling, and calling it good!

And now we’re calling it dead, because I just yoinked it out of the bed. I have no objection to trees, but I don’t need a fifty footer in my flower bed.

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