Mystery Plant Theatre

There’s a tree in my backyard that has me stumped. Again. I am trying to check enature, but its trees are all screwy, so if you click a link, you go to a totally different tree.

The tree is medium small at the moment, has large, toothed, simple-pointed-lozenge-shaped leaves. The bark is brown, I’d say light sienna, with a fine texture. Most notable, and what’s makin’ me nutty, are the fruiting bodies.

These started as small green capsules covered in spikes, hanging in pairs from the bases of the leaves. Now they’re swelling and turning white, the spikes receding into dark spots, giving the somewhat unpleasant impression that the tree is a stalled ski-lift full of dangling fat white grubs. (“Think the tree’ll start up again, Squishy?” “I dunno, Squashy, but our day at the slopes isn’t turning out so good…”)

Yes, yes, “Take a photo.” Can’t find camera. Here somewhere. Probably in a box. You guys were so good with the cherry laurel that I hold out high hopes…

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