You know, it doesn’t happen very often that sketch makes me go “DAMN! Yes! THAT, there, like that! Hooyah!”

And it just happened. And I feel really good about it. And if the painting actually works out (and a lot of times, with a great sketch, it won’t) I will post it, although it will be for sale at Anthrocon, so it’ll be a “This is going to Anthrocon unless you want to pay an exorbitant amount to make sure it doesn’t.” (Taking Fenris Lorsai’s advice with this–I really want to share these, because I’m very excited by them, but I need them not to sell before the con, unless it’s for a price where I can blot my tears with wads of cash. Once I’m back from the con, anything unsold can go for the more normal pricing. Also, there’s a Carolina wren who has plopped his little butt down in in the birdfeeder that’s up against the window, so whenever I glance over, I get an eyefull of wrenbutt pressed up against the glass.)

I’ve been feelin’ pretty good about a lot of these pieces for Anthrocon, which either means that I’m on a roll or my hormones are at a particularly mellow moment, or possibly that my standards have bottomed out. But whichever, I’m happy.

Also some very exciting stuff happening which I’m not going to talk about yet for fear of jinxing it. It may not go anywhere, so I’m not hoping for much, but it’s indeed Exciting.

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