So we own a house!

Closing was actually pretty painless, except for having to sign my names so many times that I forgot how to spell it, with the end result that the government probably thinks the co-owner of the place is named Usrul N. Venn. (The actual Usrul N. Venn is probably living somewhere on the steppes in Outer Mongolia, and may be startled by his new mortgage. I imagine he would have preferred a yurt.)

And then we went shopping. And we bought paint and blinds and curtains and power tools and scrubby things and shower curtains and drop cloths and rollers and cleaning supplies and ladders and tape measures and the $500 I had kinda hoped to move in on ran away like water. Heh heh heh. Oh, well, it’s only money. There are still a great many things I want to do–replace a particularly vile brass light fixture, replace the godawful vinyl accordion shower door, and that doesn’t even start us on the yard (bird bath! Butterfly bush! Lantana! Echinacea and bergamot!) but some of them will have to wait. At least we managed most of the immediately neccessary things. (Still need a new fume hood. The current elderly avocado number is not happy.)

But hey, we’re gonna be living there! We have time! Muahhaahah!

Meanwhile, after a day of doing nothing but sign papers, measure windows, and shop–we installed exactly one blind, and called it a day–I nevertheless feel like I fought in a war. Possibly the Revolutionary War. I am exhausted. Despite having only been awake for twelve hours, I am ready to sleep for a week.

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