Power, cable, gas, internet, water & sewer & trash, oh my!

Making all the calls so that we’re not sitting in a darkened house without running water come Friday. I should also Really Really Really be working on Digger, since there’s no chance I’ll get to work on it this coming weekend, but my brain is still full of advertising labels. White Wombat Flour! Ask for it by name! Platypus Papaya tea! Stinkin’ Shrew Soap! The only soap good enough to be called “stinkin’ shrew!”

…Tanuki plum tea! (Heh heh heh. I have a sophomoric sense of humor.)

Actually, it’s pretty funny–since inevitably, people don’t read the descriptions, I’ve gotten a coupla comments on the tanuki like “Dude. Those kinda look like balls!” and “Are those testicles!?” Through sheer volume, it no longer bothers me when people don’t read the descriptions (though I can’t help but feel that they’re missing the best part with mine!) but I still find it vaguely amusing.

I’d get these on Cafepress mugs, but I’m not sure about the quality. I like a big solid mug, myself, and I suspect the Cafepress ones are the cheap, rather narrow kind. Still, I suppose ordering from a bigger merchandising place would break the bank, and require an order far in excess of what I could hope to move. Anybody gotten Cafepress mugs recently? They respectable?

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