My parents, who collaborate and do reduction prints have a demo of their process in the works!

For those not into print making, a reduction print is when you carve something into a block, ink it, put it down, carve more over the top, ink it again, put it down, etc, so that there’s less inked surface every time and you cannot possibly duplicate it–if you’re doing a run of fifteen, and one smears, you now have a run of fourteen. (People ask why limited editions–well, in some cases, it’s because there’s no way to make any more!) It’s an exacting but interesting sort of process, and they’re uploading shots of the work in progress at

Printmaking Demo

This isn’t something I’ve ever done–I haven’t got anything like the patience, and it works a lot better if your work is more stylized, since you can’t fiddle with it very much–but it’s cool stuff. Not sure when it’ll be finished–probably depends on when the ink dries!

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