Opening at the Toad went off fairly well, except that nobody realized that a live musician had scheduled himself in at the same time. So that was a little awkward. It’s hard to talk art when someone’s belting out “Moonshadow” in the background and accompanying himself on the harmonica.

My thanks to those friends and fans and combinations of the two who made their way out! Badger, Shimmerling, Fluffytoes (see, I remember handles–don’t ask me what their real names are!) thanks for comin’ out!

Hanging the show was a lot more trouble than I’ve ever had with a show–our first piece went on the wall, Carlota stepped back, and the thing lunged off the wall and to the floor, shattering the glass in a cataclysmic explosion of axolotl and armadillo art. Fortunately no one was hurt. (I got to hang the rest of those, though.) Then we discovered that another painting had no hanging hardware, but fortunately the frame shop down the street, having provided all my custom mats recently, tossed a coupla screws and a wire onto it gratis, which was terribly kind of them.

And the ladder. Let’s not talk about the ladder. If ladders can pass into that undiscovered country, and out the other side, and return as undead, with a thirst to pinch the fingers of the living, this ladder had done so. I have seen toothpick bridges made for sixth grade science classes that were less rickety than this thing. (My toothpick bridge could support sixty pounds! I used a glue gun, though, so it weighed close to that…)

Sold a coupla prints–don’t really expect to sell any originals, so that was a nice little fillip! Handed out some business cards. Life is good.

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