Great Backyard Bird Count

Well, I’m participating in the great backyard bird count this weekend, and holy crap, what a day. Twenty species in the backyard so far today–I even saw an eastern towhee, who’s a rare visitor to my yard, and I hadn’t seen one prior this year. Flickes, finches, titmice, warblers, woodpeckers…it was an enormous crowd. I couldn’t even count the number of juncoes at any one time, the ground was alive with ’em.

Tomorrow morning I’ll go out to Lake Crabtree in the early morning–today would have been better, we had a cold snap and a light drizzle, which for some reason brings out the birds in my yard in droves, but I got up too late.

Hopefully today I will manage to photograph the two paintings I’ve done most recently, so I can finally get them on-line. Then I can put them behind me and go work on something in sweet, responsive, forgiving digital for a change…

But for now, back to the birdwatching!

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