Slice of Life — Spelunking Division

Okay, the oils are in the closet…. *rummage rummage rummage* Gotta move the rolling hamper with all the boards, and squeeze into the space between it and the bookcase, and get the closet door open, and grab the box and OH CRAP I should have moved the hamper out farther, my fingers ow ow ow why didn’t I go on a diet six months ago and–hey! When did I buy a 12 x 16 pad of Arches hotpress watercolor paper? COOL!

Okay, let’s try the water solubles…here’s the six tubes…crud…none of them are dark enough…maybe I can…hey! I bought a tube of water soluble Paynes gray? Dude. Who knew I was so on top of things? Oh, look, that’s where the oil pastels went. Neat.

Wait a minute, where’s my huge tube of Permalba white? It should be in this box! It’s not here!

And if it’s not here, that means…there’s ANOTHER BOX OF OIL PAINTS!

Which might have more colors!

Like sepia! I cannot be expected to work without sepia! No artist can work under these conditions! I MUST HAVE SEPIA! WITHOUT SEPIA, LIFE IS NOT WORTH LIV–oh, hey, neat, I wondered where that palette knife had gotten to…

Edit: You know, one of the best things about my life is the fact that I can call people and sob “I’m having an art supply crisis!” and they will come and take me to the art supply store to get my sepia. Whether this is a sign that I have wonderful friends or that I am unbearably pitiful when deprived of paint, I’ll leave as an exercise for the reader.

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