Slice of Life — Android Division

James: So the Philip K. Dick robot went missing!

Ursula: ….huhwhuh?

James: They made this robot that looks like Philip K. Dick.

Ursula: Interesting.

James: But now it’s missing!

Ursula: ….dear lord.

James: If it shows up on the doorstep, distract it with the pink light!

Ursula: We don’t have a pink light!

James: (horrorstruck flailing)

Ursula: MY GOD! What kind of crappy survival kit did we buy that doesn’t come with a pink light in case of Philip K. Dick robot attack?!

…you probably had to read “Valis” for this to make sense. And I don’t recommend it. This conversation was the most enjoyment I got out of that book, and it’s sort’ve like getting a kick out’ve showing people the scar from your hippo attack.

(Believe it or not, there really IS a Philip K. Dick robot. The world is not safe.)

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