I went birding over at Lake Crabtree after dropping James off. It’s amazing how it varies–I’ve concluded that one day I went was some kind of amazing bird convention, because it’s never gotten even close since. Still, some good birds, and I’m looking foward to the spring migration. One lifer–female Bufflehead, a small duck with white cheeks, which I bloody well earned, since I stalked that damn duck halfway around the lake, and wound up crouched in the rocks waiting for the beast to cruise in close enough to play spot-the-fieldmark. Fortunately, there’s not too many ducks it could be.

I’m also keeping a year list, for kicks, and there were some good additions to that, like the hermit thrush. And the goldfinches are starting to get yellow again, so they have that motheaten look, despite the fact that their breeding season doesn’t start until March. It’s been warm here, but they’re gonna be awfully disappointed when we hit the next cold snap.

Also, my boots smell like wet dog.

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