The Happy Waffle Speaks!

I am in a good mood.

There is no particular reason for me to feel this senseless, transparent cheer, mind you–not that there’s any reason to be UNhappy, either, but instead of idling in a sort of good-natured neutral, as I did yesterday, today I find myself absurdly cheerful. I waltzed with the cat. The cat bore this with her usual cuddly grace.

I have just showered and stink of waffle.

Also, I sorta want to paint penis rocks again. Like an epic landscape of penis rocks, or at least one really big one, with some smaller peaks in the back. I’d have to do it in real media, though, because you need stuff like that in a huge size for hanging on the wall to get the proper impact.

Well, a nice thought, but not today. Today I have Digger and editing and that other painting thing and I should stop blogging and get my maple-scented butt into gear.

Edit: Discussions with friends of maple-scented thingies somehow led to the question of whether or not maple trees have dryads and whether they object to being bled for maple syrup, and then to my having a horrible RPG campaign idea where PCs are hired by a corrupt confectionery industry to go forth and slay maple dryads for the annual Waffle Festival. You could get a really grisly and surreal scene of captive dryads being bled, like bears for bile, but for tasty waffle toppings! And then the PCs must save the poor tormented syrup dryads, depending on the moral leanings of the party in question.

This also led to the question of whether dryads into body-modification would bonsai themselves, but that may be beyond the scope of my brain at this hour.

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