Monthly Archives: January 2006

Having complained about the raccoon character design in Sly Cooper, I am naturally obligated to doodle a raccoon thief. I certainly can’t say it’s any better a design, and certainly it’s a rough sketch, but I took a stab at the notion anyhow. Now I sorta want to draw him dangling from a rope, […]

So a few minutes ago I learned that the phone call in the small hours of the morning that I ignored as probably a wrong number and anyway, I’m asleep, goddamnit, was actually my father calling to tell me that my grandmother had died. That’ll teach me to answer the phone… She was ninety-five. We […]

Twitchy rides again! We played D&D for the first time in ages, and hopefully will be doing so again soon. We’ve lost a coupla players to moves, so James is joining us, taking the reins of Inky the tattooed warrior, who sporadically vanishes and wakes up somewhere else with no memory, due (probably) to a […]

Went into the bathroom this morning to wash my face, and discovered that the Standard Nonthreatening Blue Soap is down to the unusuable splinter size. I have, as it happens, two other bars of soap. Gifts from my mother, the mastermind behind the maple syrup bath wash that makes the user smell like an International […]

Hmm, lotta positive response to Ed’s admittedly broken speech on the nature of evil in today’s Digger. I wasn’t actually expecting the good feedback on the recent dialog in Digger about evil–I sorta figure that the problem of evil has been done to death in fantasy, and god knows, I have nothing new or earthshaking […]