Monthly Archives: December 2005

Another dead mouse on the floor this morning. I dealt with it in my usual competent and energized fashion: I groaned, pulled the blankets over my head, and said “YOU deal with it.” James, the subject of this sentence (or perhaps object, I haven’t diagrammed a sentence in about a thousand years) kindly performed the […]

I am not actually happy with this yet. Oh, I’m fine with this particular painting–the alcove’s not deep enough, but it’s not bad. But it’s not quite the thing in my head yet. Very rarely do I ever have an image in my head, so it’s weird when it does happen. I suspect I […]

I had a complicated dream about arranged marriages and train rides across endless deserts, all of which was thoroughly derailed by going into the theatre on the train to watch “The Good, The Bad, and the Ugly,” and discovering that it was now a zombie movie. Since I quite like that movie, and used to […]

Editing is weird. I have, as some of you know, been in the process of getting “Black Dogs” my Obligatory Fantasy Novel whipped into shape, as Sofawolf is planning on publishing it. The first major chunk of edits has been done, and we’re in the process of the second round of minor edits to fix […]