Monthly Archives: December 2005

Okay, okay, I did the squash stallion overlooking the majestic desert. It’s a quickie, there’s a serious limit to how long I’m willing to spend on this sort of thing, and I rather like the original sketch better (the pathos! The sad littles squash!) but here we go anyway…

I spent a disturbing chunk of the morning looking at My Little Ponies on line. I’m normally so sane, too. Well, relatively speaking. Well, sort of. Well, my insanity usually flows down different channels, anyway. I have no particular desire to collect them, but I can see why one would. I am not actually a […]

Children have no clue. No, no, not about life. Yes, I know, childlike wisdom, Peanuts, Calvin & Hobbes, adult nostalgia, yay. Not what I’m talking about. Children have no clue about Christmas. Specifically, the bit of Christmas where adults (who in some cases have never actually MET them) stagger through Toys’R’Us trying to find the […]

Artistic Frustrations

Still hammering away on the weird mannequins with stuff in them. or This is frustrating. I am not used to be so thwarted. I mean, art thwarts me all the time, I live in a constant state of thwart, I have thwarts that may require surgical removal. But generally I don’t mind so […]