I got a penis for Christmas!

No, really. My friend Deb gave me a necklace featuring…well. She goes to Thailand now and again, and evidentally there is a famous Penis Market there, featuring oodles and oodles of carvings, jewelry, charms, etc, all on the generalized fertility theme, for all your decorative penis needs. S’cultural motif. Perfectly anthropological and whatnot. My glee at having this necklace is solely for a form of multicultural bliss. Honest. The ability to say “Dude! Check out my cool new penis!” to my friends has nothing to do with it.* (Yes, I have a somewhat sophmoric sense of humor…)

I have vowed that someday I must visit this market, even if only to have an excellent conversation piece when I am in the nursing home.

*James didn’t bat so much as an eyelash. I don’t know if that says more about me or him.

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