Artistic Frustrations

Still hammering away on the weird mannequins with stuff in them.

This is frustrating. I am not used to be so thwarted. I mean, art thwarts me all the time, I live in a constant state of thwart, I have thwarts that may require surgical removal. But generally I don’t mind so much. A failed painting is only a failed painting. This feels like a failed world. I could do so much with this! If I could just get it to work, just figure out how, exactly, to paint this, what media, what technique, what texture, I could blow the doors wide open.

Unfortunately, whether because I grew up on adventure games, or for generalized artistic reasons, I am bereft of anything as handy as dynamite. Instead, I’m hustling around the dungeon looking for the monster to kill to get the treasure to give to the dwarf to get the object to use on the other object to break the dam to drain the room to get to the lever to lift the rock to find the key to open the door to get to the art that Jack built.

Meanwhile, a constant drone, a chirping mantra beside me, the printer rumbles on.

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