Monthly Archives: October 2005

I knew the sun had gone to my head when I went into gales of laughter, at the coffee shop, over my friend’s comment that they had tons of lepers in Thailand, and she’d knitted bandages for them as a child. Not just “tee-hee” but the silent, red-faced, shaky-bladder’d, table thumping kind that makes you […]

Today I got a Digger done. Along with a crude sketch of a haughty dodo, that’s the sum total of my artistic accomplishments today, unless running to the store to get a new pad of Bristol counts. We were promised cloud breaks today, but if they broke, it was discreetly and apologetically. The grey hangs […]

It appears to be Monday. Huh. How ’bout that. I had a dream last night in which I was an actual, honest-to-god, Digger-style wombat, which would have been just enormously cool (I recall examining my hands, which had the big finger-claws, at length) except that it was a freakin’ moving dream, brought on by James […]

Baldy the squirrel is no longer bald. His botflies having decamped, his fur is coming back in, a short, pale saddle of stubble across back and sides. Eventually, I’ll only be able to tell him by the cowlick, and then not even that. But of course, the backyard being what it is, nobody escapes unscathed […]