Monthly Archives: October 2005

Squash Kachina

Having been outbid repeatedly for one of these on E-bay, and the really cool ones being varkin’ expensive, I have given up hope of purchasing one for the moment, but I’m still going to share my delight with this thing with all of you. This is the Squash Kachina. He is […]

Hairy woodpeckers make a noise exactly like a pissed-off squeaky toy. The fall birds are starting to show up–the pine warblers are already here, and now this thing, looking like a downy woodpecker on growth hormones. Pretty soon the slate-sided juncoes will arrive, and then I’ll know it’s fall for sure.

The sound made by a cat with her head wedged under your chin, purring and snuffling simultaneously, is almost exactly the snoring sound made by the dragon end boss in the ancient Intellivision “Advanced Dungeons and Dragons” game right before it woke up and attacked you with a hideous gobbling white-noise roar. I have a […]

I am in a good mood today. My mood can be traced to several factors–the sun is shining, dappling through the leaves in the back, making a kind of cool filtered light jazzed up by shockingly bright patches where individual leaves blaze white-green-gold, in thorough defiance of the rule that green is a cool color. […]

Sheesh, what is up with the anthro-moving dreams lately? This time I was moving into an apartment, in college, and I was one of a party of gnolls from WoW. Now, admittedly, I was playing WoW last night–after months of being away, I got cruelling re-bitten by the bug (Cenarion Circle, a multitude of characters, […]