Monthly Archives: October 2005

Finally bought “House of Leaves.” It is wandering between fascinating and incomprehensible junk of the sort that plagued my early mornings that time I took “Feminist Perspectives in Anthropology” and had to deal with post-modernism before breakfast. I don’t recommend this. To this day, I still barely know what postmodernism is, except that I think […]

Last night I dreamed about the end of the world. It rained. Then it rained fish. (Dead neon tetras, to be precise.) Then it briefly rained brightly colored rubber dinosaurs. The water level rose (and presumably the less-often-measured rubber dinosaur level)until it was knee deep, and giant fish with underslung jaws and vast billowing fins, […]

“Dude!” I said to James. “What the hell is going on out there?” We both watched as a large squirrel sat on the railing, being climbed over and under by a smaller squirrel. The large squirrel was impatient with this, and would occasionally shove the smaller one off the railing. Undaunted, the small one would […]

A fairly basic pin-up of the glory that is Squash, which fails to do him justice, but did lead to my uttering the phrase to James “Dude! My squash is ripped!” James agreed that it was. Man, my scanner is nearly gone. I am saddened by the color loss on the colored pencil in […]

And the birds come and go. When we moved here, it was winter. We had red-bellied woodpeckers and downy woodpeckers. The next fall, northern flickers joined the line-up. This fall, there is nary a flicker to be found. I haven’t seen one in months. But hairy woodpeckers, never a frequent visitor (I wasn’t even sure […]