Today I got a Digger done.

Along with a crude sketch of a haughty dodo, that’s the sum total of my artistic accomplishments today, unless running to the store to get a new pad of Bristol counts.

We were promised cloud breaks today, but if they broke, it was discreetly and apologetically. The grey hangs over us with bleary, unsaturated exhaustion. I watched a cardinal land on the deck railing, look around, and sag with almost anthropomorphic dejection. It sat there for nearly ten minutes, just sitting on the railing, perched, looking glum, and finally heaved a sigh and took wing. I know just how it feels. Tomorrow is more rain, and then maybe we’ll get lucky.

The problem with working at home is that if you don’t achieve anything, you don’t even have the dubious benefit of having at least gone to work. You just plain didn’t get anything done.

Oh, well, at least I did get the Digger done, and after all, tomorrow is another…thingy.

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