We all knew about the gay penguins by now, I assume, (Yes, I know the famous two in central park split, but gay pairings ‘mongst waterfowl are still absurdly common.*) but this is the first I’ve heard about penguin prostitutes!


What I want to know is–do those people who went nuts finding a mandate for conservative family values in “March of the Penguins” and even proof of intelligent design** know about this?

And more importantly–gawd, nature is so cool.

*Interestingly enough, some studies would indicate that among some swans, having two male parents is the most desireable arrangement. Evidentally the eggs are nearly 30% more likely to hatch and the hatchlings have a correspondingly high survival rate and body weight, as the two males can hold and control much better nesting territories. Go figure.

**I can’t say that penguin prostitution disproves ID–obviously nothing does, since it isn’t falsifiable, which is the reason t’aint science–but it would sure make an interesting statement about our hypothetical designer’s morals…

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