Sadly, my photo of a pooping grizzly bear, due to the angle, is only a photo of a grizzly with a look of disgruntled concentration and a small pile of indeterminate composition behind him. However, I did get twenty-odd very good shots of the bear’s head from different angles, a few of which I will definitely have to paint at some point.

Today, I noodle about, run some prints and errands, and kill time until I get a filling this afternoon. Woo, fillingness. Yay.

Annnnd…it’s October. Crimony, this year has gone by fast. I really hope that this isn’t a function of age, and that every year until my eventual death does not streak by with increasing speed, or else by sixty, I’ll go to sleep off New Year’s partying, and wake up in mid-April. Ooof.

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