Over the years, I have made peace with my own sloppiness. If I want tighter detail, I work bigger. There are artists who can spend a week with a size zero brush, but I am absolutely not among them. I can admire their dedication, but I can only do that for brief stints. With watercolor, there’s a certain degree of detail, but once I get out the acrylics, I just can’t work small if I wish to retain my sanity.

Unfortunately, there’s a downside. At the moment, I have ideas for a couple of paintings, but they will all require a fairly large surface–i.e. 18 x 36. And paintings that size get a price that size, and thus they sell slowly, if at all. I have a few dedicated collectors, whom I am deeply grateful for, who are willing to spend a year paying off a thousand dollar painting, but for most of my fan base, this is simply not feasible. (Hell, I couldn’t do it myself!) The print sales help, of course, but I’m still left with some jumbo paintings at the end of the day.

And this, of course, leads me back again to “Crud, I need to get into some galleries.” Not even with the gearworld stuff, neccessarily, but, if at all possible, with my standard combination of weirdass detailed cute. Of course, having looked at some more commercial galleries with a friend ‘o mine t’other day, I’m thinking it’s more possible, but heck, maybe I just need to bite the bullet and send an app to the local arts council and say “Yo, give me a wall somewhere!”

Well, we’ll see.

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