In the depths of sneezing, pollen-clotted death, as I squint blearily through swollen eyelids at the monitor, even in the pit of allergic misery, nothing quite brings a grin to my face and a song to my heart* like the readers.

Specifically, the discussion of various theories and wild speculations around the gearworld blog.

God, that’s gratifying.

Having people sit down and devote a chunk of brain power, however fleeting, to something you’ve created, however half-assed and random, is just immensely cheering. I love that. Thank you all. Since I don’t generally do much of that myself, the interactive wild-speculation-and-analysis side of fandom is one I hadn’t experienced until I started doing comics (and now a disjointed narrative blog) and it’s one what never fails to fill me with glee. And occasionally scream “ARRGHH!” if somebody nails a plot point far in advance, but even that is rather gratifying in its own way, and often useful as everybody else shoots it down, and you know what bits you’ll need to address.

And kudos to the handful of people who have guessed Heinrich’s species, and the one person so far who nailed it specifically. It’s been a pleasant diversion on an otherwise snorfly day. (Please note, if you have a guess, feel free to e-mail me–some people don’t want to know yet, so I’m confirming specific guesses outside the blog.)

*A badly off-key, nearly tuneless, repetitive song. I think it may once have been the A-team theme song, but my organs are not musically inclined.

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