So…err…Digger got mentioned in the New York Times.

I am moderately floored.

Admittedly, it was in a discussion of comics better suited to traditional format:

“Consider “Copper,” a beautifully drawn animal comic that won the prize for best art in the Web Cartoonists Choice Awards. To see the whole colorful page that Kazu Kibuishi composed, you either have to scroll up and down or look at the thumbnail sketch. It’s roughly the same situation with “Digger,” a graphically powerful comic, featuring a wombat, by Ursula Vernon. The whole thing almost fits on a full-page display, but the horizontal screen certainly isn’t the most felicitous format for it.”

–but there are much worse fates than having the New York times call your stuff “graphically powerful” any day, even if they think it’d better suited to traditional media.

So, err. Dude. Crazy.

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