Don’t look at me, I was painting the keyhole eyed thing. Then I started doodling, and…well, you know how it is. Suddenly the painting picked me up and threw me down, and I spent nine hours hammering at it and swilling down Earl Grey and Advil (hand and head were already mildly twitched from spending half the workday painting.)

James thought it looked kinda like a Gearworld R.C. Gorman, a mental image so baffling that my brain simply shut down and didn’t even bother processing.

Since I’ve nearly given up doing Gearworld pieces in real media for the nonce–it refuses to co-operate, and yet, the digital pieces are beginning to cook in my brain agin–I’m wondering if 16×20 LE prints, nice giclee stuff, say, might be something a gallery’d be interested in. Welp, may yet find out…

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