Wormly Stands On Own Two Feet!

The culmination of an excellent day! James came in with the assist at the critical moment, and thanks to him, and a six inch length of copper pipe (which I may use as armature in any future pieces, since it worked so well, and can be bought for under two bucks pre-cut at the hardware store) and some heavy duty plumber’s epoxy putty, I was treated to the joyous sight of Wormly standing on his feet and not even falling over.

He’s not uber-stable yet, and lacks arms to boot, but he doesn’t fall over when you cough on him, and will thus probably be a free standing piece. The tail, when added, will hopefully provide some extra lee-way. I confess, I didn’t expect it to work, and was getting resigned to a peg-and-base arrangement, but James belived it could be done. (James has only passing interest in sculpture, beyond providing occasional words of encouragement, but show him an engineering problem to be solved, preferably with use of power tools, and it’s James to the rescue every time.)

Woo! Next up, arms!

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