The Further Adventures of Citizen Twitchy

It was a journey of self-discovery for Twitchy the elf last night, as, dozens of goblin backs later, he finally pulled off a successful backstab, thereby cementing his place in the universe as a rogue. Still a total amnesiac, still getting the willies about being hailed as “Citizen” by the locals, still knows virtually none of his own skills, but it’s a good start. He celebrated by looting the unconscious body of the priest. Since none of us have any money, it was more a symbolic gesture, but it felt good.

Last night’s session was spent almost entirely smiting goblins, something that our half-orc bruiser REALLY gets into…the player evidentally has a long history of playing good characters, and something snapped along with the first goblin spine, which is how our buddy Orky wound up smearing his face with bloody handprints, holding a hacked-off goblin arm in his teeth, and flinging severed goblin and warg heads at the enemy to spread fear and terror. We spent several minutes dismembering the foe and discussing whether we had time for a necklace of ears. “Just abandoning any chance of being lawful good, are we?” asked the GM. But to heck with it! Being an amnesiac means never having to say “Man, Mom would not have approved of this.” So Orky did the entire adventure with the goblin arm in his teeth. We assume it was fairly soggy by the end.

Other highlights include Twitchy’s attempt to scout–I have the worst rolls possible whenever I try to hide, but excellent rolls on moving silently, thereby reducing Twitchy to a sort of demented dancing mime trying to communicate with the rest of the party via jazz hands. His attempts to signal the numbers of the enemy by hooting like an owl failed critically. He mooed like a cow instead. The enemy saw him immediately, but unlike the bartender of the previous session, were less than impressed by Twitchy’s winning smile. Disaster (at least for Twitchy) was averted when Dwarfy–almost certainly a mage, but with no spells and of course, no memory–flashed the goblin army and then charged them with an axe. Confusion reigned. It was good.

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