Monthly Archives: May 2005

Still…working…on website. It’s not hard so much as tedious–I’ve resigned myself to the layout I’ve got now, with the understanding that as our knowledge grows, we may be able to do snazzy stuff like collapsing menus and whatnot. Better to get it up and on-line and working for me than obsessing. I am not a […]

(crossposted to birdlovers) Okay, now I’m having yet another ornithological identity crisis. I have another Mystery Thrush. It hopped up on the railing in the early morning, bounced stiffly along it for a moment, looking like a somewhat chilly little ball of dark-eyed angst, surveyed the area and the indignant goldfinches, then flapped off. Getting […]

As I sat at the train crossing for the second time in twenty minutes, watching Amtrak cruise by, an inner voice piped up. It sounded like that sage voice that, in times of stress and crisis, will offer wisdom and advice (which I naturally don’t listen to, because once you start obeying the voices in […]

On a whim–because it’s the weekend, and I can kill time however I want without guilt, damnit!–I thought I’d compile a list of birds I’ve seen in the yard here. My actual lifelist is probably of no interest to anybody but me, and weighs in at only 86 birds anyway, but the ones I’ve seen […]

The squirrels are in a mood this morning. One of the nameless hordes is obviously feeling rather more homicidal than usual–instead of the usual chase-chase-reverse-chase scene that seems to define squirrel politics, this one threw himself on a fellow squirrel and actually attacked, giving rise to a brief rolling ball of scratching and biting across […]