Monthly Archives: May 2005

I am trying, slowly, to infect James with my interest in birding, or at least a vague understanding of why I like it. Mostly, this takes the form of “Look, wibbly! Northern flicker on the feeder!” James feigns interest well enough to seem polite, but not well enough to make me think he’s actually interested, […]

It is a law of nature. Only after the husband has left for some weekend overtime, taking the car, not to return for five or six hours, do you discover that there are not only no feminine sanitary thingies in the house, there is also no toilet paper. And you find yourself becoming intimately involved […]

Busy morning on the bird feeders–eastern towhees, both male and female, which I cannot get photos of to save my life, but love looking at, plus all the usual suspects. The bluebirds are as entrenched as if they never left. Managed to get a whole run of photos of the gray catbird. Saw what I […]

Speaking of dreams, that’ll teach me to take a nap with indigestion… Had a REALLY strange dream. It started out on some kind of spaceship, trying to puzzle out the meaning of this set of stone tablets inset into a wall (with jazzy blue neon accents!) Some of the words were in English, but didn’t […]

The Carolina chickadees have fledglings. I would have thought it was way too early, but there they are, two puffy, fluffy-breasted birds bigger than their parents, sitting on a branch and screaming their darling little heads off. Their somewhat harried looking parents are flying back and forth from the suet feeder to their offsping and […]

I’m having dreams with birds in them. Weird, wild birds, which I then try frantically to identify. Gee. Wonder where THAT could have come from. The first few were just strange, interesting dream birds–things like giant white geese with strange, grosbeak-esque bills a foot high, grey peacock-shaped birds with black and blue throats–but last night, […]

Upload, upload, upload. Enter text, enter text, enter text. *sob* I think I have all my descriptions entered. I’m still short a fair chunk of art, and the archives are largely description-free, but most of the originals are listed (and that’s an important bit) and the majority of at least recent stuff seems up. Tempted […]

Okay, having listened to a whole bunch of calls from various creatures on-line, I think the Thing That Went “HNAAAGH” was a frog. I’m not sure what KIND of frog–the American Bullfrog was pretty close, and I am ashamed to admit that all this time, I thought bullfrogs made that classic “erRRRiBBit!” noise, but it […]