Got up, after complicated Sith-related dreams, drowned brain in coffee.

Worked on Digger, putzed in the studio with some small neccessarily cleanings, then put in some work on Black Dogs. It’s not all that difficult to do, I’m finding, nor particularly time consuming, but I can only do it in short spurts. Still, I appear to be making progress, so that’s good.

Now I am staring vaguely into space. Hi, space! Definitely time to start a painting. I need to decide whether the rough I’ve got done is worth pursuing, or whether I should keep sketching and cook up something else. Not the easiest task, but still, an enjoyable enough way to spend a morning. Life is good.

Checking ye olde monitor, earnings for the month are on the low end for what I’ve been averaging this year, but still above the average for last year, so it’s all good. I think the commission moratorium actually helped my income, over all. Print sales still solid, original sales still goin’ well. LE prints are all over the board–sold out of two, haven’t moved jack of the other two. Hit or miss, I suppose, but then again, no less than originals, so it all works out. Definitely more data needed before I can draw any significant conclusions there–I have both ends of the bell curve and no bell in the middle!

Next month, gotta start the run of small Anthrocon paintings. I’ve got plenty of large ones, this time, and two big LEs, but it’s always the small ones that sell out, so next month I’ll need to get cookin’ on those, and then probably someone will buy my big paintings the week before and I’ll be left running around like chicken with head cut off.

But hell, if I didn’t do that, it wouldn’t be a convention!

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