The Return of the Slice of Life

Today we tried to figure out where to put James’s newly acquired mountain bike, and confronted again that age old truth–no matter how much space a place has when you move into it, you will expand to fill it in no time flat. It horrifies me that two people need a three bedroom place, but…well, I suppose if you consider that I have a home office/studio, it’s not so bad.

James: “This would be no problem at all if we had a loft.”

Ursula: “You have a real thing for the loft idea. I dunno.”

James: “It’d be perfect! The next time we move, let’s get a loft.”

Ursula: “I have a lot of books we’d have to put somewhere.”

James: “We’ll build you a temple of books! With cinderblocks and crates!”

Ursula: “I had kinda been hoping that I’d left the cinderblock-and-board furniture period of my existence behind forever.”

James: “Never! We’ll get cinderblocks and two by fours, and wear bathrobes, and live like hippie kings in a loft built for two.”

Ursula: “….”

James: “The cat can come too.”

Ursula: “….that was either really romantic or desperately stupid, and you know, I’m not sure which.”

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