More wildlife, non-defective

A good weekend for the ‘ol lifelist–saw an absolutely bluer than blue little bird. My first thought was “lazuli bunting” but of course, I’m not on the west coast any more, so it’s an indigo bunting. Every time I think I’ve seen everything my patch of backyard can possibly offer, new species drop in out of the blue. Like the defective squirrels, I find myself wondering if I’ve gotten lucky, or if any patch of ground with five feeders and a bunch of trees would be home to such a variety, and I’m just finally paying attention.

Found the leak causing the hummingbird feeder to drain. I knew I’d have seen anything chowing down at THAT rate. Fixed it. Bluebirds, after several weeks away, seem to be back on the suet again. I hope they’re feeding chicks somewhere.

When I was taking out the trash earlier, the lid of the can had fallen to the ground, and I flipped it over with my foot, revealing two terrified little deer mice, obviously juveniles, huddled together and looking up at me with those gigantic anime-maiden eyes that deer mice have.

“Sorry!” I said. “God, aren’t you cute?!” After a minute or two, realizing that yes, the horrible monster had spotted them, they took off running. Unfortunately, they ran into a coil of gutter tubing laying on the ground, which curves around to drain the run-off down a small slope. Following the curve of the tube brought them back around, so in absolute terror, they found themselves running right between the monster’s feet, as I stood like the Colossus of Rhodes (plump female version.) Bouncing in absolute terror, they fled into the safety under the deck. Doubtless we’ll meet again in the silverware drawer, some weeks hence.

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