Monthly Archives: April 2005

My hearing is going. Sometimes the results are kinda interesting–today, as I was heading out to water the plants, I heard NPR say “The demon’s head was full of seeds.” Since they were interviewing a director about the cast of some British film about child actors, I have no idea what they REALLY said, but […]

We gots pills! I love my pharmacist. I never realized what a boon a good pharmacist is until I started hearing all these horror stories about pharmacists deciding to make their own little moral decisions about withholding people’s birth control. But mine is great, laid back, always asks if there’s any questions or problems with […]

There is a uniquely female horror that I am experiencing today. I don’t think men get this. I don’t know how they could. It is the horror when you call in your prescription for birth control pills, and you discover that it’s been a whole year since you had a pap smear, which means that […]

Unfinished scrap–liked the sketch, didn’t like how the coloring was going, drew kind’ve a blank. That’s why I like the scrap gallery at DA… Sort’ve having an urge, with Azezalbunny’s success, to revisit some of my Cheesy Fantasy Roots. (O nostalgia!)

Working on the website. Working on ulcer, too. It’s a race, really. James having solved many of the major technical issues, I am now uploading, sorting, and captioning paintings. All…my…paintings. I paint too friggin’ much. I have warehouses worth. I have ancient stuff that I took down long ago, which at first I thought “Yay! […]

So “Sir Bunny” and “Bad Egg” will both be in Expose 3. I have no idea how hard those are to get into–I’d heard of ’em, vaguely, and I think I saw ’em on the shelf occasionally–I submitted art because one of the editors wrote me and asked for Sir Bunny, specifically, because he claimed […]

Finally, a jihad we can all get behind! Unless we don’t! Also, since I’m linking and stuff, if you’re attending Anthrocon and not, like me, shackled behind a table with the glazed, deer-in-the-headlights-trying-desperately-to-remember-people’s-names look, there is a plea for volunteers!

Today’s installment of “Stuff That You Absolute Positively Under No Circumstances Are Gonna Get Any Sympathy For From Anybody”…. Deviantart. They like the demonbunny over there. A lot. Sort of ridiculously a lot. I now have 1300+ messages in my inbox, and that’s not even starting on the comments. Because DA does not have a […]

*cough* Sheeeyit. Um. This is unexpected. If you want an LE jumbo print of the Azeazelbunny, there’s…um….two left for on-line sale. I did NOT expect it to go so fast–the mole rat took like two weeks. I was planning on holding three for cons and auctions, and I’ll probably pop one of those on Furbid […]

Pure artistic self indulgence. Absolutely pure. I giggled a lot while painting it, though, so that’s obviously a sign. (Possibly a sign that I need some form of medication.) And you gotta see the detail, or else you lose all the impact… Doing a run of 15 LE jumbo prints for this one, […]