Monthly Archives: April 2005

I have a Ganesh lunch box! My buddy Carlota brought me a little metal lunch box–for lack of a better term, since it’d be quite a small lunch–which has the ever-lovely Ganesh on it. I am all stoked. It’s a perfect size for pens and colored pencils, and has a much larger carrying capacity than […]

Finch sex on the feeder. Weird little dynamics to this scene–male has a brief, flapping encounter with a female. Second female, also on the feeder waits for this to end, then chases the first female grumpily off. Hmm. Male cardinal, unmoved by this display of avian erotica, sits cracking sunflower seeds with his orange can-opener […]

I have to go into the doctor’s office for Ye Olde Pap Smear. I also have to buy mousetraps. The two aren’t related. However, following some discussion in other fora about marketing things “for girls,” and my own gut level response that if you say something is “For girls!” or in most cases “For women!” […]

James and I are supposed to go up to the Dismal Swamp this Saturday for a day trip, some hiking, hopefully some birdwatching. I love the name. That’s Truth In Advertising, right there. April is supposed to be the best time to go, since you get the migrations–it’s a bird haven–and it’s not as hot […]

It’s gonna be a scorcher today. It’s warm already, with that kind of tentative radiance to the air that says “It’s pleasant now, and in about two hours, you’re gonna be sweating like a hippo.*” I opened all the doors and windows, turned on the computer, and set to work on Digger. It’s a good […]

Man, Scarface the squirrel is a bully. He’s a male, and when he’s eating sunflower seeds from the platform feeder, NOBODY ELSE is allowed on the deck. Another squirrel tentatively came up the stairs, peered over, and Scarface was immediately making a loud, almost mechanical sounding buzzing-scolding noise, tail lashing wildly. When the squirrel slunk […]