I glanced out the window this morning, and saw more of Notch the squirrel than I am used to.

He has a new trick. The feeder that he favors can be reached by gripping the tree with your feet and stretching your body out into space, but it’s uncomfortable–you have to hook the feeder and pull it to you, and you can’t use your paws to shovel seed into your face, or help shell sunflower seeds, and your hind feet tend to come loose one at a time. So he figured out that by hanging on the bottom of the feeder with his feet, he can simply do curls up, grab a handful, then drop back down, hanging full length upside down, and munching cheerfully, while I get to view the underside of a squirrel in great detail.

This would not be particularly noteworthy, except that Notch is the only squirrel I’ve seen do this–all the others stand on the tree and stretch. I kinda wonder if the others will pick it up now.

Also, squirrels have amazing ankles.

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