Monthly Archives: February 2005

Hi, gang! It’s time for another exciting installment of “What Should Ursula Be Working On?” That thing. That other thing. No, the one with the vampire. Digger. The other thing related to Digger. The Other Thing. You know. The OTHER Thing? That thing that you don’t know how long it’s gonna take because you’ve never […]

I love James. I love him dearly. He has many sterling qualities. He is a truly kind person, which I am not. As I said to my friend Carlota this afternoon “If James had dinner with Hitler, he’d say “Yeah…I dunno…that guy was a little…intense.” (I mention this only because we sat at a green […]

A quick study in splatter of a mudskipper, and a poem so atrocious that I cannot apologize for it enough. The splattery backgrounds are fun. This was more just noodling around as a technical experiment, but I suspect I’ll want to do something a little more impressive with the technique at some point…

I am in a despicably good mood today. There’s no particular reason for it. It is a senseless transparent cheer. I’m flitting between projects like a hummingbird that wandered into the Nectar Bearing Plantstravaganza Exhibit at a botanical garden. Finished a Digger, updated the website, working on another random splattery painting, fooling with the first […]