Monthly Archives: February 2005

I keep noodling around with these abstract backgrounded study thingies. I’m not sure why. Something must be percolating in t’old hindbrain. I hope. Until it deigns to make itself known, I’m left with lots of weird little studies, which for lack of anything else to do, I’m inflicting upon my long-suffering public. Here’s a wolverine […]

The cover for Chapter Four of Digger, “Metaphors and Machinations” is up for auction. It does not feature our wombat heroine, but instead a terribly minor character that I felt the need to memorialize. (The nice thing about webcomics is that the covers aren’t all that important in a newsstand sense, so if I need […]

I feel like I’m trapped in a Tom Waits song. Generally this only happens on long car rides across the Midwest, where after about five hundred miles and several gallons of coffee, my brain gets stuck in “Gun Street Girl.” (I blame Waukeegan.) In this case, however, I am living a peculiar suburban version of […]

A quick little study of one of the local birds, which I have been noodling around on as stress relief from the whole thingy thing. Someday, in that perfect world of free time that I hope to inhabit, I will have time to do studies of all the local birds. I don’t really care […]