Monthly Archives: February 2005

I have zero motivation today. There’s a coupla things I should be working on. I haven’t been. My brain is shot. Instead, I’ve been taking photos of the little birds, and then organizing and labelling several dozen photos (actually, over a hundred photos, but of that only several dozen tend to come out well enough […]

Hey, look! A gearworld painting! In the wrong frickin’ media! As an experiment with oil pastels! Bugger. My muse is an absolute cad. If anybody has worked with oil pastels, any advice or suggestions would be welcome–I really like the textures, and would like to fool with ’em a bit more, but I’m still […]

Since people keep asking for photos, here’s some of the results of a coupla days last week spent with a tripod focused on the suet feeder. Mostly I got bluebirds and a mockingbird, but I’ll try again this week. The photos have been filtered a bit since the lighting washed things out, so they may […]