Monthly Archives: January 2005

Several years behind the rest of the world, I got around to renting “The Chronicles of Riddick.” We will speak not of the plot, nor the characterizations. The less said, the better. But the action scenes had the usual Vin Diesel you-have-got-to-be-shitting-me-I-don’t-buy-that-for-a-minute charm, and the visuals were really really cool. They had this neat Undead […] Immediately I notice that I made the great cardinal mistake of having things cross at bad points–if you’re gonna have a ring on the mousey tail, don’t put it where the tail crosses a background element. And definitely don’t do it twice. Bugger. I wonder why I didn’t notice that while I was painting?* […]

Wake Up Call

The sound of the coffee grinder pulled me up to consciousness this morning (as it so often does.) I thought “Mmmm….coffeee….” and opened my eyes, only to find myself staring deep into the empty blue ones of my cat. “Ungh,” went Ursula. “CHIRP!” went Athena. “Grrrnngngngrrnurrrrrrrr,” went the coffee grinder. Lick! went Athena, going in […]

Woke this morning to a power outage. That was exciting. Got ready to go out and have breakfast. Then the power came back on. That was sort of anticlimatic, really. FutilityQuest IV is underway, as I carefully fill out my submission forms for the Spectrum Annual. Someday! Someday! Continuing to paint cute quick stuff. The […] Oh, this is a great idea. Everybody loves a death squad. Sending Kurds and Shiites to kill or kidnap Sunnis? Can’t imagine what would go wrong there. Of course they’ll be impartial, and wouldn’t dream of having an agenda of their own or acting on any old grudges that might be lying around. No. […]

The brown-headed nuthatch is, I think, my favorite visitor at the feeder. He’s fairly small and timid, and his head is large in proportion to his body, which = cute. Something about the position of the stripes and the shape of the head always puts me in mind of a teeny little tree-creeping badger, although […]