Monthly Archives: January 2005

Got up this morning, ambled around the house, strolled to the glass door that looks onto the deck. There were two squirrels. Gimpy was tearing around on three legs. (“James! Come look! It’s Gimpy!” “Wow, he’s doin’ pretty good, isn’t he?”) The other squirrel was one of the many nameless tree rats that lack distinctive […]

On the off chance that anybody wants a detail of the Murkstrider… Today I have to work. On stuff. Important stuff. Naturally I’m all inspired to do other monsters in mist, but no! Must be virtuous! Must…work…! Important! Money! AGHHH! Yet again, I run up against the horror of my perverse existence. Deadlines on […]

Some days, art is hard. You get up, you stare at the canvas (or watercolor block, or New Painter File,) and there is nothin’. You walk into your studio, and wince away from the accusing white glares of the half-finished paintings that have been half finished for weeks, going on months, and the ones in […]