Monthly Archives: January 2005

There are currently two northern flickers on my feeder! (And a bunch of disgruntled bluebirds on my railing.) Actually, you couldn’t say they’re both on the feeder–one is, and the other is watching him grumpily from farther up the tree. They don’t seem to want to feed simultaneously, although the flicker will allow a downy […]

I’m not dead. There were a coupla points, ‘long around Sunday night, where this did not seem like much of a consolation, mind you. But nevertheless, the fever appears to have broken, and despite being fairly congested, and feeling as if my head was swathed in gauze, I’m definitely on the road to recovery. Earlier […]

I, too, have the plague. Woke, coughed, cursed, assessed physical condition…my skin has that raw, prickly feel I associate with fever, as if the top layer had sloughed off, and possibly crawled into my lungs to sit as congestion. (Yes, it’s disgusting. It feels disgusting, too.) Well. We’ll see how James is today–still got a […] I was looking for something pithy and biting to say, and I find that I have nothin’. What’s left to say? Most religiously inclined organizations in the area are doubtless doing good and commendable work, but shit like this is why I make sure my donations go to secular relief organizations just in case.