In honor of another circuit ’round the sun completed, James and I bought a toaster.

(Look, we all celebrate in our own ways. I happen to have been craving toast recently.)

We also cleaned the fridge, got a new suet cage to replace the one those bastard squirrels keep ripping down and dragging several yards into the woods, picked up some new vaccuum cleaner bags (although that’s probably more “routine maintenance” than a New Years moment) and threw out some general junk. Since it is a glorious balmy day, thereby proving that we live in one of the weirdest states in the country, the windows are open.

I have several New Years resolutions. Last year I only made one–“Make art”–which seemed to go pretty well, so I’m trying a few more, which are as follows:

Short Term:

Clean out the hall closet.
Donate old clothes to Goodwill (they are all ready to go, I just have to FIND a Goodwill.)
Rip the dead annuals out of the flowerpots on the deck.

Long Term:

Make an attempt to get a show locally. (This involves doing a dozen or so Gearworld paintings, and then pimping it around. I got some excellent advice from my stepfather Tom, which included “Wear THE HAT.” THE HAT is my favorite hat, a slightly floppy wooly brimmed number. Depending on who you ask, it is either unbearably cool or makes me look like the more well adjusted variety of bag lady.) If I don’t get the show, that’s okay, but the resolution requires me to try.


Keep better track of print sale numbers
Give more money to charity
Promote rational thinking, even if just by doing happy Ambulocetuseseses. i. Thing.

Most vital, important, unbreakable resolution:

Make Art.

Plenty to work on. I feel good about the coming year.

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