Monthly Archives: December 2004

Talking myself into my annual Futility Quest this year…submitting art to Spectrum. I’m not sure what to submit–there’s an illo I did for Mongoose that I’m rather proud of, and “Walking the Frog” was pretty good, but beyond that, I’m stumped. While I’m proud of “The Polar Court” it’s furry, and furry does not seem […] Um. Yeah. I had these 6 x 6 clayboard squares, and thought “Hey, I’ve never done a triptych before!” and this sorta came out. It’s a small weirdness, not much more. Might be a Gearworld piece. The jury is often out for awhile on whether things are Gearworld or not. Occasionally I feel like […]

People may have seen these already, but just in case, the two latest uploads from the art frenzy… So far this morning, got a whole bunch of prints set to mail, filled out my Anthrocon Dealer paperwork, and currently working on a “Digger” as I scramble on my backlog. Despite all this–and despite […]