Monthly Archives: December 2004

It’s foggy. For awhile, the view off the deck resembled an “Atmospheric Perspective For Beginners” tutorial–everything faded neatly into misty white, in a very crisp gradient of dark bare trees to airbrushed gray shadows. Life rarely imitates art so perfectly. Then twilight hit, and the fog turned blue. It was really quite extraordinarily blue. It […]

I’m spending this morning filling print orders. Christmas so far has been fantastic–I’ve moved nearly half of my standard sales volume in five or six days. (And–shameless plug–if you don’t know what to get people for Christmas, consider a print from ! I have at least one person who said they were giving prints […]

There’s a lot of things I should be doing. A lot of things. Many, many things. Instead, I’m playing the gloriously sandboxy “Children of the Nile.” And the painting that I was doing of the chicken religious icon is half done, and I started a painfully ambitious one of the sea hag character, because I […]